Pathways is a curriculum based program run from Year 7 to Year 12. It aims to develop Personal Learning and Interpersonal Skills.

Students set and manage their own learning goals and individual learning plans with one significant teacher who acts as a learning mentor within the Pathways program.

At Year 9, students focus on learning about healthy lifestyles and life choices.

At Year 10, the focus becomes future pathways and careers.

The Pathways program at 7-10 also incorporates Student Led Interviews (SLIs). All students complete an SLI, which allows them to gain a thorough understanding of their strengths as a learner and assists the student to become more active and responsible in the learning process. 


  Term One Term Two Term Three Term Four
Year 7 Get to know you Term one report reflection On demand and tracker testing Who am I?
  Year 7 orientation Why are we here? LSAs Strengths
  On demand & trackers Habits of the mind Reassessment of goals Weaknesses
  camp Goal / Target setting Preparation for Student Lead Interviews (SLIs) and completing them  
  Camp reflection      
Year  8 Reintroduction to learner profiles Bullying - Cyber and all! Empathy  Habits of mind day
  Who am I makes a difference project Understanding differences What do you want to be?
    Student Lead Interviews (SLIs)  
Year 9 Personal organisation SMARTASSK Year 10 course selection Year 10/VCE/Vet course conformations
  Cyber citizenship Employment opportunities VET/VCE applications Mental health / illnesses
  Values and decision making Year 9 camp (Wendouree) camp booklet Interview prep  
    Party drugs Sexually transmitted infections  
    First aid Revisit decision making  
Year 10 Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? Am I being realistic?
  Introduce MIPs booklet Year 10 work experience (Wendouree) Where to now (workbook and questions) Course confirmation for Year 11
  Resume work Workplace bullying Sampling days Money and economics for personal living
  Cover letters What employers really want Barkly open night  
      Student Lead Interviews (SLIs) and Year 11 subject selections  
VCE Intro getting to know you Attendance TIS RACV keys please
  Life at senior campus Anzac theme Revisit reset learning commitments Spin chat
  Expectations Bullying (guest speaker - Des Hudson) Sexual relations and issues Party safe (guest speaker – Des Hudson)
  Learning commitments Part time work Responsible gambling Course selection (year 11)
  Student Lead Interviews (SLIs) prep Progress checks VTAC applications Final year 11 reflection
  Parent, teacher, student conversations (PTSCs) Learning commitment and reflections Course discussion 2013 Year 12 transitions
    Exams prep SEAS application  
    Careers expo Scholarships  
    UB outreach Parent, teacher, student conversations (PTSCs) prep and interviews  
    GAT and exam prep    
28th of July 2017. Ballarat Secondary College.