Victorian Education Strategy for Koorie Students

The Wannik Education Strategy has the overarching principle to deliver the best possible education to Victoria's Koorie students.

From the Gunai/Kurnai language, wannik (pronounced 'wunn-ick') means 'learning together - journey to our future'. Wannik represents a new era of collaboration within all Victorian schools. The system will reposition the education of Koorie students through a culture of strong leadership, high expectations and individualised learning.

The Wannik Education Strategy promises significant changes at all levels of the education system. These changes are a necessary response to the disparity in educational outcomes between Koorie and non-Koorie students.

Wannik - A strategy for improvement

The strategy proposes to:

reform the government school system’s education of Koorie students

support greater student engagement

provide more literacy and numeracy support

provide support and encouragement for high-achieving students

expand and develop the Koorie support workforce

renew our focus on parental engagement

For Koorie girls

Wannik Dance Academies are an initiative of the Department and aim to provide an educational program based around dance for Years 7-10 female Koorie students.

Opening in 2010, one of the Wannik Dance Academies was introduced to Ballarat Secondary college and has been a highly successful program since it’s launch. Improvements have been recorded in not only the VELS and academic levels of these girls but also their social and independence levels to function in the everyday world.

Highlights for the Ballarat program include being heavily involved within the Victorian State School Spectacular every year since the launch have been working with the Bangarra Dance Company, creating cultural documentaries with the Melbourne Arts Centre and this year dancing at Dream time at the G’s opening ceremony.

The Wannik Dance Academies provide an educational program that engages Years 7-10 Koorie girls with their schooling, closes the gap through the development of literacy and numeracy skills, and provide opportunities for mentoring and the development of youth transition pathways.

Wannik Dance Academies are funded by the Wannik Unit, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Sporting Chance Program, an initiative funded through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

For further information about the Wannik Dance Academies at Ballarat Secondary College please contact the College.

28th of July 2017. Ballarat Secondary College.