Supporting Students with Disabilities and Special Needs

The goal of Wendouree Campus is to ensure all students are able to reach their fullest potential, no matter what their special needs are.  Our Wendouree Integration Team is dedicated to the wellbeing and growth of students with special needs. Our aim is to form a productive partnership with students, parents and carers to ensure that students with special needs are able to access the curriculum and succeed.  We aim to promote our students’ independence, resilience and self-esteem through providing an individual educational program that is challenging while accessible.


Transition is a daunting time for many students and especially for those with special needs.  Our campus offers a specialised transition program for special students, in addition to the regular primary to secondary orientation program. A Student Support Group is usually established at this stage.

Students are introduced to Wendouree Campus based on their individual needs.  They will work with the Integration Team in a friendly and welcoming setting, so that they become familiar and comfortable with their new school well before the official orientation program.  As a result, our new students are supported to begin secondary school with greater confidence.

Special Programs and Resources at Wendouree Campus

Wendouree Integration offers specialised programs aimed to improve the educational and social skills in particular areas of need:

·         Fast ForWord is a neuro-scientific computer based language program.  (

·         IXL Maths – a computer based, self-paced skills program

·         IPad apps – a variety of interactive apps to assist in skills acquisition

·         Riding for the Disabled

·         Equine Therapy for social and emotional  skills

·         Camps and Excursion Support

·         Therapies including physio, occupational, speech, psychological, according to the needs of individual students

·         Social skills programs


·         The Integration Unit has a kitchen, and three work areas, including a lunch area where meal assistance can be provided.  Students are welcome to touch base at recess and lunchtime.

·         A Language Room for small group and one to one tuition.

·         Ipads and additional computers available for student use during support sessions.

·         Integration Lockers are situated outside the unit in an area of less traffic.  Students can be supervised to become more organised for class.






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