Year 10 Transition to the Barkly Senior Campus

All Year 10 students at both middle years campuses undertake a thorough program to assist them with the transition to the senior campus.

Events include:

Barkly Campus Open Night – Monday 29th July 6pm – 9pm

A chance for all families and students to gain a familiarity with the new environment, new staff and an understanding of the subjects on offer at the Barkly Campus.


Year 10 Course Counselling Interviews

Where the student and family meet with key staff at their middle years campus to decide on the appropriate senior school certificate and course of study for their senior years.


Year 10 – 11 Subject Selection Interviews at the Barkly Campus

To meet new staff and select their course of study.


Year 10 – 11 Orientation Week at the Barkly Campus – Monday 2nd December – Thursday 5th December

Begin their new classes and confirm their choice of senior certificate and subjects. 

28th of July 2017. Ballarat Secondary College.